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About Denizen

Denizen Development Group LLC is a partnership of seasoned real estate professionals Laura Rhodes and Chris Jolley, whose combined experience spans over 30 years of real estate development, construction management, and real estate marketing and sales. Founded in 2012, Denizen’s mission is to identify infill opportunities in the Seattle real estate market and meet the need for high- quality, fee simple townhomes, row houses and cottage communities in Seattle’s most desirable neighborhoods. Denizen developments are located near major employment centers, the city’s most coveted amenities, and strategic transportation corridors.

Through collaboration with architects and designers, Denizen focuses on producing smart, efficient design that is both aesthetically appealing and functional, creating urban communities for Seattle’s denizens to call home. Denizen is committed to providing thoughtfully-designed, sustainable communities by utilizing the highest quality components available and applying best construction practices to create communities that are built to last. In 2015, Denizen received the Master Builders Association’s ‘Moving the Market’ award for its achievements in Built Green construction.

(n.) An inhabitant of a place; one who dwells in.


Denizen Principals

Chris Jolley
Denizen Development Group

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Laura Rhodes
Denizen Development Group

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Meet the Denizen Team

Sonna Stanton
Holgate Townhomes
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Carolyn Coffee-Nissen
Third & Valley Townhomes
T: 206.669.0917

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